Our Why

To help make your life healthier, tastier and easier! 
I’m Suz.  My most important role being Mamma to my incredible daughter, I’m also a qualified Nutritionist.  I have a huge passion for health, nutrition and fitness.  I compete in figure competitions.  A bodybuilder…you…really?!  I know, it’s an unusual hobby but I love the challenge, dedication and the lifestyle.  An Accountant by trade, I’m following my passion to create a meaningful, successful healthy food brand that helps to make your life healthier, tastier and easier!
We all know that good nutrition keeps us healthy and full of energy to tackle our busy lifestyles.  Sometimes we all need a helping hand in the right direction.  Proper Oats was created from ‘scratch your own itch’ moments of not being able to find ready to eat porridge or Overnight Oats on the supermarket shelves that were made with natural ingredients and no refined sugar.    
I really believe that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless – far from it.  I also believe in support – supporting each other, you guys – our consumers, our partners, local businesses & the UK food industry. 
We honestly can’t wait to launch our first Overnight Oats and to continue to create delicious, nutritious breakfasts and superbly satisfying snacks that are ready to go when you are.
Health & Nutrition  
We are passionate about health, nutrition and fitness.  We recognise that a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone.   
Now more so than ever we need to look after our health, take care of each other and be kind to ourselves  
We can help you nourish & fuel your bodies.  We believe that healthy food should be both bursting with flavour and nutritionally balanced. 
Be Real 
The real you, the real us.  Real ingredients, nothing artificial.  Real food made for you by real people for your real life. 
Being Proud of each other, our community, our products and the brand we are creating 
We care.  About you. About our health. About our team & community. About the cows that roam in the Dales to make the superb Skyr for our Overnight Oats.  About our stockists and suppliers.  We will do all we can to keep building a brand that cares.
Support (no matter how fierce you are we all need it). We want to give you a helping hand with your healthy & busy lifestyle by creating delicious, nutritious breakfasts and superbly satisfying snacks that are ready to go when you are.