PROTEIN - The Master Macro Nutrient

Did you know that protein makes up 43% of our muscles?! 

All hail the master macro nutrient PROTEIN.  It’s essential for:

  • Building & repairing muscle tissue & hormones
  • Growing healthy hair & nails
  • Curbing hunger & cravings – keeps you fuller for longer
  • Stabilising blood sugar

All cells and tissues contain protein, which is why it’s so essential for growth, repair and the maintenance of good health.  So if you're not getting enough protein, it can impact everything from your weight to your mood!

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.  Twenty different amino acids form the building blocks of protein. Some of these amino acids are created inside the body, while nine can only be found in foods. These last are called ‘essential amino acids. 

Foods that offer all nine essential amino acids in roughly balanced proportions are called ‘complete proteins’, and include eggs, fish, dairy and a few plant foods, for example quinoa and soya.  Protein from dairy contains the full range of essential amino acids needed by the body. 


Protein from whole foods are superior to processed so try incorporating main sources from whole foods including:
  • Meat/meat alternatives (chicken/beef/turkey as mince or sausages for a twist), quorn/tofu
  • Fish (white fish/tuna/salmon are good options, seafood
  • Eggs
  • Dairy (yoghurt, milk, cheese) - natural is better (Proper Oats are the best!)
  • Pulses & bean, grains, nuts
  • Protein powders (whey/beef/soy/vegan) or protein bars
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The Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) is set at 0.75g of protein per kilogram bodyweight per day in adults.  Plenty of studies have shown that a higher amount is needed for active people around 1.2g – 1.5g per kg of weight.


Aim to eat protein two to three times a day..  You don’t need to tick off all the essential amino acids at every meal – the body can use amino acids from previous meals to form complete proteins. Research has shown that taking in protein throughout the day, not just at lunch or dinner, is the most effective way to promote muscle protein synthesis.

Our bodies can absorb only 20 to 30 grams of protein at once.  I would recommend getting at least 20 grams of protein at each meal. Consuming this amount will help you stay satisfied and give you enough energy to power through your day.

When we work out our muscles break down in a catabolic state and rebuild during rest.  Feeding them protein will prevent muscle fatigue and enable quicker repair.  It’ll also leave you feeling energised rather than depleted.  Consuming protein within 30 minutes of your workout is ideal and will enable the amino acids to enter the blood and refuel cells and muscles.

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