Our Yorkshire Roots

We are so proud of our Yorkshire roots. To make our delicious breakfast pots, Icelandic traditions meet the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. One of the superb ingredients that creates our delicious, nutritious Overnight Oats is Skyr. We combine skyr with the highest quality natural ingredients all made here in the UK. We believe in supporting each other, our consumers, our partners, local businesses and the UK food industry.
Skyr is a thick, creamy, Icelandic style yoghurt.  It uses about four times the amount of milk as a standard pot of yoghurt, which is why it’s so high in protein and calcium. Not only that – it’s naturally fat-free. However, not all skyr is created equal. Ours is made using fresh milk from a champion, pedigree herd in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and original bio-live Icelandic skyr culturesdating back to the year 874.